Empowering Industries Through Strategic Partnerships

AI-Raied Group Company has established itself as a trusted provider of reliable services in various sectors, including solar energy, cables, industrial paints, truck spare parts, electricity, additives car care, maintenance, and motor oils. Since its inception in 1985, Al-Raied Group has been committed to expanding its strategic partnerships with leading foreign companies in manufacturing, trade, research and development, and construction. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals and a focus on international standards, Al-Raied Group aims to deliver high-quality support, assistance, advice, and services to its clients.


AI-Raied Group understands the value of forging strong partnerships, and among its esteemed network of collaborators, Shell Oils & Greases holds a prominent position. With Shell’s renowned expertise and industry-leading solutions, Al-Raied Group taps into the vast potential of the oil and gas sector. This strategic alliance allows Al-Raied Group to offer cutting-edge solutions and superior products to its clients, contributing to their success and growth.


The success of AI-Raied Group can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to ethical business conduct and visionary practices. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for trust and reliability, positioning itself as a preferred partner for businesses in Libya and beyond. Al-Raied Group’s commitment to excellence, coupled with its strong network of strategic alliances, allows it to deliver exceptional value to its clients while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Petro Africa Libya 2023 Exhibition and Forum will be held in Tripoli from 16 to 19 October

The 8th edition of Petro Africa (Libya 2023) Exhibition and Forum will be held in Tripoli from 16-19 October under the auspices of the Tripoli-based Libyan Government and its Ministries of Oil and Economy.

Organisers Al-Waha Company informed Libya Herald that more than 120 international and local entities are participating in the exhibition and forum, with workshops on the latest developments in the world in the field of oil and gas technologies.

AlRaied participated in exclusive Shell Distributor training in London.

AlRaied attended the Annual Sales and Marketing conference providing an outstanding opportunity for AlRaied to understand Shell’s vision for 2015 and beyond. AlRaied interacted with Shell’s visionary leadership team and other Shell Macro Distributors across Europe. AlRaied also participated in exclusive Shell Distributor training – designed to bolster AlRaied’s personal development and professionalism in distributing Shell products.

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Introducing the new and revolutionary Helix Horizon range.

We know that engines are in the best condition the day they come off the production line and that’s why we designed Shell Helix Ultra, the oil of choice for Ferrari. Made with a unique combination of Shell PurePlus Technology and Active Cleansing Technology it delivers even higher levels of cleansing and protection, meaning that no other motor oil keeps your engine closer to factory clean.*

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