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Tripoli ,Libya

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Our Clients

Our products are currently utilized in the automotive, heavy-duty truck and bus, industrial control, robotics, mass transportation,Oil, agriculture, and construction industries.

Libyan Defense Department Waha Oil Company Afriqiyah Airways
Brega Oil Marketing ENI Oil General Company for Chemical Industry
Zueitina Oil Manufacturing GESCO Repsol Oil Operations
Ras Lanuf Oil Refinery General Electric Company, Libya J & P Constructions
Arab Union Construction National Bus Transport Libyan Ports Association
Sirt Oil Company Tekfin Construction ANC
Punj Lloyd Constructions National Bus Transport Libyan Ports Association
Iron Steel Company ECCO Libyana Communication
Madar Communication Al Rahila Oil Service Company Sharara Oil Service Company
Daewoo Construction Company OIA Construction FINISI
Schlumberger Halliburton Harouge oil operation

and many more.......